Friday, July 3, 2009

The Wooded Life

Just for fun, I took a walk around the property with the camera. Here's a sampling of the pics -

Wild grass growing in the front woods

Rasberries loaded and ripening

Virginia creeper climbing old pine

Front woods...

Mulberries going to waste - way too high to pluck. And who's gonna climb a ladder on a hill?

Sun dappled white pine branches

White pines & Aspens

Mint or Sage type plants....

I know I planted these, but couldn't guess what they are.... :O
In the lily family?

Lilies. Perfect, aren't they. :)

Weeds which I permitted to flourish along the sides - naturalized garden, ok? The bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds will visit them just the same.

I think there is a bee visiting these weeds, actually...

Another Lily - these are tall dramatic looking lilies. I cut a bunch and have in the kitchen.

Sun hitting on tree roots, where critters live...

More cast aside roots.

Poison Ivy. Which I'm not allergic to.


More Dianthus - Purple/whites called 'sweet william'.

Lovely yellow flowers I can't remember name of. They flower all summer. Coreopsis?

Shasta daisies...

Rose - forgot the name. Very fragrant climber


Under the green curtain...

River Birch

Up to back of house...

Dog - who NEEDS a bath. Rolled in deer poop.... :[

Burdocks - giant thistle

Funny story. The guy who invented velcro got his inspiration from burrs caught in dog's coat.

Burdocks / giant thistle


Coleus (sp?) Or 'painted leaves'

Pansies & painted leaves

Funny face

Cool leaf pattern

More of those leaves

Virginia Creeper on white pine

2 year old aspen

Back woods - where the sunlight never hits the ground

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