Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remember you that way...

In the beginning, I said I didn't want you.
I was just being contrary, I'm sorry.
I knew better the first time I saw you -
So silly, plucky, determined, endearing...

You were too white, she said
He's going to be trouble, they said
Do something with him - he's a monster, they said
Then everything went wrong the first time

Anyone other would not have won that first fight,
No one else would be so determined and forgiving
You won that fight, but were left crippled by the next
I just wanted everyone else to see the dog I did.

Five years it took, before I understood
A dog's life means more than just for show
It's letting the dog be, accepting him as he is
Giving him the leash, letting him disobey

Any other dog would have taken advantage,
But you never left our side, and always
You never failed to show the worth of a golden heart
Proved yourself a dog bred to love and be loved.

Your body became mishapen by age and disease
Your fur became ratted and coarse
Your eyes and ears began to fail you
And your limbs could no longer carry you as they did

What you must have put up with all your life
No other dog fought so many battles and lived with so much
And no other dog took it in stride and turned that sweet gaze
Never a snarl or a growl, but always that true golden smile

I will miss your company on Sunday mornings
I will lie awake listening for your snores
Goofy winged-out clown, coming home won't be the same
Without your eager little face and the sound of your voice

If I could relive all thirteen years
I'd do so over and over, just to hold and kiss you again
I will miss you my dear sweet angel.
I am broken and alone without you.