Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Three Amigos

Notice -

The goldens see a camera and immediately put on their cheesiest smiles. The collie is a lot more cautious.

The Collie is Arthur, a nice young dog we adopted last year. He's about four years old. Jackson (Jacky) is the critter sitting next to him. He just turned a year old. Daniel (Danny) is too old to climb on furniture. He's going to be twelve in two months.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jackson's getting old... not really.

On January 6 last year, a certain adorable young dog was born.

The following newborn pup pic is NOT my Jackson, but yep. He pretty much looked like one of those. Think the size of a guinea pig, with the shaky movements of a windup toy. <- I took pictures of the puppies, which promptly got erased by a freak accident with camera (I blames my hyperly deleting fingers...unfortunately). Even if I still had those pics, I couldn't tell you which was Jack. They all looked...pretty much the same. Pretty ugg.

Click on the image to get the full view. Believe me. Not pretty.

When they were five and six weeks along, they were a lot more presentable. They still did not look like golden puppies. Way too small and white. But they were moving around and pretty much obsessed with their mom. Their mom was the selling point for me, because she was so gentle and soft tempered. And she did not make ANY SOUNDS as she came out of the little nesting box to greet us. Jacks takes after her a lot.

The following pic is Jacks at the beginning of March, a week after I brought him home. Adorable little creature huh? In the picture, he was looking up at me, and trying to get me to pick him up. He was shivering because of the snow, his bare puppy belly, and his low tolerance for cold weather. Plus he was just one of those puppies who LIKED being carried around. In fact, he's still like that. Oversized lap dog that one is.

And this is him today -

Adorable little creature.

Little, as in comparision to my other golden who is an inch too tall and a bit on the brawny side (95lbs).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009