Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News, It isn't a Rat!!!

So 3 days ago, my naughty cat was admitted to the house without having his mouth checked. Or they checked his mouth, but it was already too late. He was carrying what we thought was a rat. It was huge and portions were sticking out of either side of Lu's mouth. We freaked, especially when Lu lost his prey somewhere in the house. Yikes.

The rat was not a rat, but a chipmunk. Which oddly makes me feel better. Chipmunks are cute. They aren't really night crawlers, and they make adorable little chirpy sounds. Yes, they are omniverous like all rodents - meaning, they will try to get into bird cages and devour helpless pet birds. I had two baby birds shredded by mice, so it's true.

So cute chipmunk, and he has taken up temporary residence beneath the 'cat's room' monitor. Otherwise known as they hulking piece of computer machinery that nobody uses because laptops are cooler.

I set a humane cage next to monitor and hope chipmunk hops in. I might even release him in my garden! Because it's uhm. Cute. I'm calling him Billy. :P

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Arthus Poses

Friday, July 17, 2009


Comerica Park - COPA

It's a Cat's Life

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Wooded Life

Just for fun, I took a walk around the property with the camera. Here's a sampling of the pics -

Wild grass growing in the front woods

Rasberries loaded and ripening

Virginia creeper climbing old pine

Front woods...

Mulberries going to waste - way too high to pluck. And who's gonna climb a ladder on a hill?

Sun dappled white pine branches

White pines & Aspens

Mint or Sage type plants....

I know I planted these, but couldn't guess what they are.... :O
In the lily family?

Lilies. Perfect, aren't they. :)

Weeds which I permitted to flourish along the sides - naturalized garden, ok? The bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds will visit them just the same.

I think there is a bee visiting these weeds, actually...

Another Lily - these are tall dramatic looking lilies. I cut a bunch and have in the kitchen.

Sun hitting on tree roots, where critters live...

More cast aside roots.

Poison Ivy. Which I'm not allergic to.


More Dianthus - Purple/whites called 'sweet william'.

Lovely yellow flowers I can't remember name of. They flower all summer. Coreopsis?

Shasta daisies...

Rose - forgot the name. Very fragrant climber


Under the green curtain...

River Birch

Up to back of house...

Dog - who NEEDS a bath. Rolled in deer poop.... :[

Burdocks - giant thistle

Funny story. The guy who invented velcro got his inspiration from burrs caught in dog's coat.

Burdocks / giant thistle


Coleus (sp?) Or 'painted leaves'

Pansies & painted leaves

Funny face

Cool leaf pattern

More of those leaves

Virginia Creeper on white pine

2 year old aspen

Back woods - where the sunlight never hits the ground