Sunday, October 5, 2008


No! Stop Asking Me!

Rose knows her mom's nuts, and it's up to her to pick up the pieces. She doesn't want to and she has her own life, but Rose is responsible if anything else. If only she can get the invisible keepers of the mountain castle to understand that and let her go. Will she bargain with them for her freedom? Even if it means saying yes to monsters?

Swapped Fate

Anne agrees to take on Emelee's existence and go to Marit City in her place. This means going from the Wilderness where magic isn't used at all, to a city where it's overused, where Wishmasters are nearly as important as governors and kings. This is a charmed existence, until it becomes threatened by revolutionaries, blackmailers, and the handsome top Wishmaster in disguise.


Arianna had her heart set on marrying her boyfriend and living in a perfect white farmhouse somewhere with a white picket fence. But boyfriend ditched her, and now she's dealing with the crazy family history her dad never told her about - like ghosts who can drain her energy and turn into powerful naked guys who want to take over the universe. Dad never told her about the distant realms beyond a fold in the universe, where people regard earth as a 'prison world' where they dump their garbage. Now the garbage is rebelling, and they plan to use Arianna as a battery for all their power - like she is the Energizer Bunny of Evil. Right. She can't even handle her feelings for the discarded heir of those distant realms.

Beyond the Warring Crowd

Rissa is a warrior, no matter how everyone else sees her. They expect her to embrace the frilly and pink life traveling around the universe dancing for crowds. At a time when all order in the universe is falling on its head, that is the only avenue open to her. It's a good time not to be a warrior, but she wants to fight for her people and protect the system.

The Unwilling

Sweet, cheerful Kelly is possessed by a long dead evil spirit who plans to kill a bunch of kids unless Wesley with her newly discovered shamanic powers can get her act together and stop her.

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